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Thought Leadership

Art & Science of
Direct Mail


  • In a world that is highly digitized, it’s increasingly challenging for marketers to cut through the noise in innovative and compelling ways. 

  • There are varying views when it comes to the power of Direct Mail as a marketing discipline.  For some it can feel antiquated and slow to evolve, but for others it can be an exciting, underrated, and highly effective way to reach and engage your target audience. 

  • So, we partnered with integrated marketing agency, MRM, in collaboration with the United States Postal Service to better understand how marketers think about Direct Mail, and how they strategically and tactically plan, develop and execute their Direct Mail campaigns in a digital world – with the goal of identifying best practices for others considering Direct Mail as part of their omnichannel strategies. 

  • We conducted 1:1 in-depth interviews with leading marketers, brand strategists / planners, and agency creatives to discuss their opinions and uses of Direct Mail today, with an eye to the future – identifying emerging trends, innovations and opportunities for other marketing decision-makers, influencers and small business owners in this space.  

  • We found that the importance of connection has never been greater as people are digitally exhausted and yearn for nostalgia and welcome tactile engagement, especially in the form of a surprise & delight.  

  • The emotional connection that people have with physical mail can be really strong.  And let’s not underestimate the emotion of memory and the huge influence it can have on future decision-making. 

  • But it needs to be DONE RIGHT.  And if done right (there’s a lot to unpack here!), that mail piece / message can have a long shelf life and lasting staying power.

  • Send us a quick message to learn more about this work and/or about how we can put agile research methods like the ones used here to work for your team!

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