Our Expertise

We help our clients across the entire research lifecycle. Our capabilities range from setting strategy to measuring success, ensuring we set you up for success – both now and with an eye to the future.


It’s never been more important to put customers at the core of the conversation - to build customer empathy and inject a customer-first spirit into all aspects of your business. We’re experts at bringing customers and users to life in a way that generates ideas and inspires action.


  • Persona Development
  • Target Illumination
  • Audience Profiling
  • Media Behavior Analysis
  • Day in the Life
  • Segmentation
  • Attitudes & Usage


We focus on understanding consumers as individuals, revealing what influences their attitudes and behaviors. But we also apply a social, cultural and local lens. By uncovering the human truths behind the data, we help brands identify opportunities for today and tomorrow within a wider context – critical for shaping strategic plans and creating space for breakthrough ideas.


  • White Space / Opportunity Sizing
  • Brand Positioning & Repositioning
  • Brand Equity Audits & Tracking
  • Brand Architecture
  • Market Landscape
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Pricing Research


Advertising and media are in our DNA. We’ve spent time on both the client side and agency side. We know what it takes to inject powerful insights into every stage of the creative process - from early-stage idea generation and message development to campaign optimization and brand impact measurement.


  • Creative Development
  • Content Development
  • Message Optimization
  • Copy Testing
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Website Experience & Usability


The benefits of our agile research approach are particularly appreciated in this area. We are able to pivot faster than larger firms. We work in a truly collaborative way with our clients to maximize the richness of what we learn while allowing space for critical input from a variety of internal stakeholders. We’re experts at designing multiple ‘quick sprint’ phases within a project so we can iterate, test, learn and adapt.


  • Trend Exploration
  • Consumer Co-Creation & Ideation
  • Future States & Blue Sky Thinking
  • Brand Stretch
  • Early Stage Concept Development
  • Benefits & Claims Testing
  • Feature Testing
  • Product & Service Development


We empower clients with insights that reveal big picture truths, but are also granular and nuanced enough to drive real action - all in service of creating brand and product experiences that delight customers and satisfy real needs.


  • Customer Experience Audits
  • Journey Mapping
  • Path to Purchase & Decision Process
  • Needs & Pain Point Identification
  • User Testing
  • UX Testing & Development

How we work

We are technique and data agnostic and focus on outcomes over selling capabilities. We take a long-term partnership approach with every client and will work with you to sync up your objectives with the best approach. We offer a full suite of best-in-class solutions and thrive on projects where multiple disciplines are combined.



We are experts at crafting elegant solutions for even the most complex quantitative research assignments. Clients also trust us because of our unwavering commitment to the highest data quality standards in the industry.

  • A modern, fresh approach to survey design for superior insight generation and data quality
  • Respondent-first approach: mobile friendly, interactive, highly engaging
  • Leading edge AI tools for qualitative insights at scale, analysis and quality control
  • Seamless voice and video response options
  • Best in class network of partners to execute global research for any audience


We’re pioneers of innovative and immersive qualitative approaches that our participants enjoy and our clients appreciate for their ability to uncover truly breakthrough insights and bring customers to life.

  • Access to the best moderators, interviewers & ethnographers in the industry
  • At the forefront of the latest AI tools to supercharge insight generation and boost efficiency
  • Simply the best participant recruitment - it makes all the difference in the world, trust us
  • Immersive, tech-driven qualitative toolkit for a wide range of agile research options and stunning outputs
  • Techniques include: digital diaries, video & live interviews, user testing, qual at scale, crowdsourcing and more

Digital Insight Communities

We have a long track record of success building and managing high performing insight communities. We have vetted or used nearly every community platform in the industry - no need to kick the tires with an unproven new vendor. We’re ready to go with only the best of the best in our roster.

  • Short-term and “always on” community options
  • Intense focus on participant engagement and community best practices
  • Leverage our experience to avoid all the most common community pitfalls
  • Lots of flexibility for a range of use cases including agile insight sprints and quant/qual hybrid work
  • Expertise also extends to: Creative Consumer Panels & Forums, Voice of the Customer Programs and more

AI & Advanced Analytics

Grounded in our academic background and leveraging our extensive network of the smartest subject matter experts available, we offer clients access to the very best thinking when it comes to rigorous statistical methods, analytics and AI driven solutions.

  • Conjoint & Max Diff
  • Choice Modeling & TURF
  • Complex Segmentation
  • Marketing Mix
  • Optimal Pricing

Strategy & Consulting

Beyond engaging us for a typical ad hoc custom research project, we can also help your team take a step back and optimize your insights toolkit / roadmap.

  • Audits of your existing tools and platforms
  • Synthesizing themes across your existing research and first party data
  • Compelling, story-driven outputs for increased stakeholder engagement
  • Cultural Insights, Trend Scanning & Social Listening
  • Other services include: Brainstorming Sessions, Collaborative Workshops, Insight Sprints and much more


Tech & E-Commerce

Financial Services

Media & Entertainment

Lifestyle & Retail

Travel & Tourism

Food & Beverage


Agency Partners


It’s never been more important to put customers at the core of the conversation - to build customer empathy and inject a customer-first spirit into all aspects of your business. We’re experts at bringing customers and users to life in a way that generates ideas and inspires action.


  • LGBTQ+
  • Gen Z
  • Affluent & high net worth


  • C-level
  • Financial & Tech Decision Makers
  • Small Business Owners

“Insight By Design has been a trusted and valued partner for over ten years. I give them five stars in every aspect of the relationship.”

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Garrett Jackson

Premium Consumer Insights Manager

“Their deliverables really raised the bar compared to other research vendors we've worked with.”

Amanda Haley

Sr. Customer Insights Manager, Amazon

“The meta-analysis work IBD produced for us provided the foundation for a great,
award-winning insights event.”

Kathy Hayes

Senior Director, Customer Insights Leader, Equifax

"Insight By Design offers more expertise, thought leadership, and quality of work than traditional research firms."

Laura MacDonald

Consumer Insights

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