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How Vistaprint puts small business owners at the heart of their insights engine

Insight By Design


  • A comprehensive, wide-ranging online community that provides Vistaprint’s insights team and senior leadership with direct access to small business customers

  • Qualitative & quantitative feedback delivered in days – sometimes hours – vs. weeks

  • Rich insights gathered using interactive discussions, live chats, video submissions, mobile diaries, multimedia concept tests and much more – in addition to regular traditional surveys

  • 350% increase in participation and response vs. previous Community provider due to best-in-class engagement, recruitment and retention practices

  • 95% member satisfaction = rich, thoughtful feedback + very low turnover

  • The Community program began as a customer-only platform and was so well received that we added a complementary non-customer community to provide Vistaprint with insight into the rest of the marketplace to inform innovation and growth strategies

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