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Brand Essence

Developing a Unique Brand Story For The World's First Island Vodka


Our challenge:

Guiding a brand refresh in a way that creates intrigue and excitement and ultimately accelerates growth 

  • Mutiny Island Vodka hit the vodka scene in 2017 with a one-of-a-kind island spirit made from tropical breadfruit and clean Caribbean rainwater.  Not only does it have an unforgettable taste, but the brand has an amazing story to tell, contributing to the planting and use of breadfruit across the globe - which has enormous sustainability and environmental benefits.  

  • After a successful start, Mutiny Island Vodka wanted to take the brand to the next level by sharing their story in a way that creates intrigue and excitement but lacked the consumer insight needed to do it right.  That’s where we came in.

  • To ensure rebranding efforts were successful, we conducted an immersive exploratory study, deep diving into Mutiny Island Vodka’s world with consumers and bartenders to discover what the brand could stand for and what would ultimately persuade today’s spirit drinker to engage with / try the brand. 


A Unique 3 Phase Approach

Each phase with a distinct purpose and building on the next:


1. Digital Diary Pre-Task

Primed participants to think about all aspects of their relationship with the category and provided context about them as consumers, allowing us to better assess reactions to brand narratives in phase 2.  We also gathered rich content for deliverables as participants shared their stories through photos, videos, and other content i.e., social they found inspiring. 

2. Friendship Pairs Online Workshops

To spark candid conversation we spoke to friends from phase 1, deep-diving into the brand story, potential narratives and messaging.  We also had participants try the product and get reactions.  SPOILER ALERT! They loved it -  an unexpected surprise & delight!


3. Bartender On-Premise Workshop

To wrap up the research, we spent an afternoon with a small group of influential bartenders in Miami to provide a different perspective of the category and consumer as well as brands, promotion of, ingredients and mixology in general.  Held at a hip bar in Wynwood, this was a perfect setting for our bartenders to experiment with the product, while discussing how they would use and talk about the brand to patrons and peers.  A great way to supplement consumer learnings to further guide rebranding efforts.


  • Coming out of the research we landed on a brand direction that has tremendous potential to help shape the brand and communication efforts in an exciting and refreshing way.  As a next step, our team will help onboard a creative agency to bring this new brand narrative to life. 

  • Mutiny Island Vodka is in a great position to take the spirits world by storm and we are thrilled to have been part of this journey with the brand so far!  Better Cocktails. Better Planet.

  • We brought our insights to life in part through a professionally produced highlight reel that brought viewers into the bartender's world and showed them firsthand what resonated most about the brand's story. Here's just a very short clip we created to be shared on social media:

Venue for case study.png
Mixing for case study.png

And here's a look at how we shared bartender insights with our client team:

Send us a quick message to learn more about this work and/or about how we can put agile research methods like the ones used here to work for your team!


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