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Reinvigorating a hair care brand by providing a fresh perspective


  • A hair care and styling brand underwent a ‘reboot’ a few years ago with the goal of bringing more hair type users that were looking for thickening benefits into the fold.  However, growth remained stagnate and some skus struggled with less than positive reviews. As such, new consumer learning was needed to help reinvigorate and grow the brand.

  • To help the brand understand how to remain relevant, we spoke to hair care users via qualitative digital diaries, giving us the ability to explore their hair experiences with real life context.  This approach allowed us to truly understand who they were in an immersive and engaging way…diving into their hair goals, behaviors & routines, unmet needs and expectations for hair care products.

  • Participants had the ability to upload photos and videos, bringing to life the challenges they face when trying to achieve their desired look by walking us through their rigorous hair routines step-by-step. Showing us rather than telling us revealed insights we didn’t even think to ask about, ensuring that we delivered ‘new’ news and a fresh perspective.

  • At the end of the engagement, we provided a rich portrait of the hair consumer looking for thickening benefits and how that differed by hair type and needs.  We also unpacked what thickening vs. volume means to people today, how this translates to their hair goals, and what that means in terms of finding the right products and routines, and ultimately an elevated brand experience.

  • The research provided guidance for how to best position and talk about the collection moving forward and identified potential areas to explore for further product innovation.

  • Send us a quick message to chat about how we can put agile research methods like the ones used here to work for your team

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