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Empowering members to help create a better educational resource for type 1 diabetes


  • Beyond a traditional website audience survey, our non-profit client wanted to truly understand how to improve the educational experience for users of their marquee website – not just in terms of usability and navigation, but content, tone, organization and focus.

  • We began with individual telephone interviews with a dozen site users representing a broad range of profiles. Our goal was to develop a thorough understanding of the typical site experience and to begin to create a list of the most common suggestions for improvement.

  • Next, our comprehensive quantitative survey covered all aspects of the site experience to get a benchmark on current satisfaction and to inform a detailed plan for re-vamping the core educational resources used by millions of patients, parents and other caregivers dealing with Type 1 diabetes every day.

  • Our insights were used by senior leadership to make a business case to the board to secure additional resources needed for optimizing the educational tools available to members and creating dedicated areas for specific patient types – a specific ask from our participants.

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