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Finding inspiration among next gen fashion consumers to inform the ‘future of fashion’


  • A leading fashion brand wanted to bring their retail offering to the next level by pushing the boundaries of product innovation.  To provide the inspiration needed to guide this effort, we explored the ‘future of fashion’ among next gen apparel consumers to inform new product offerings in categories that were currently underdeveloped for the brand, including denim and outerwear.

  • By engaging with consumers via qualitative digital diaries over the course of a week, our conversations were grounded in real life context - allowing us to get a glimpse into the role fashion played in their everyday lives, how they used clothing for self expression and how they envisioned the ultimate purchase experience of the future (hint, it involved virtual reality driven try-ons at home!)

  • We’re big advocates of using the digital diary approach for projects like this as it allows for so much more space to engage with participants, iterate multiple versions of ideas and encourage both individual creativity and collaborative brainstorming.

  • To inspire the team, we created a high-quality magazine-style playbook (see sample pages below) with thought starters for internal brainstorming, workshops and further product development.  To complement the magazine, we brought participants and their ideas to life through a professionally produced video compilation that was widely shared across the business.

  • This research ultimately helped our client identify opportunities – not only for new product offerings and merchandising strategies, but for more relevant and compelling communications targeted at the all important next gen fashion consumer.

  • Send us a quick message to chat about how we can put agile research methods like the ones used here to work for your team!

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