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COVID-19: The Consumer Response

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Over the next few months, our team will be exploring the consumer response to the developing COVID-19 pandemic from a unique angle - the WHY behind the WHAT.

Instead of focusing on widely reported data about consumer spending and respondents' best guesses about the chance of recession, we'll be more interested in understanding how this crisis impacts social norms, attitudes, motivations, etc. Some of the questions we'll explore:

- Are we picking up new habits, skills, ways of working that may become the 'new norm'?

- How have interactions with family or friends changed?

- What are we expecting brands to say or do?

- What products or services are higher on the list to be cut if the financial situation worsens?

- After the worst is behind us, what behavior changes are most likely to stick?

- What are we most looking forward to when this is over?


From the first wave of our COVID-19 survey: 61% of Americans say their priorities have shifted since the start of the crisis.

"I see now how much I took for granted when we had all the freedom in the world. I can't wait to seize the day when this is over." - survey respondent

We'll dig into what the 'new normal' looks like and what it means for brands. Full survey results coming soon.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about our research or how we can help support your work during this difficult time, please contact me directly via email or phone (518-469-2900).

During this challenging time, we're committed more than ever to delivering the highest quality research and insights to help guide your decisions and chart a plan forward.

Stay safe,

Chris Aswad


Insight By Design

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