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Get your message right. Right now.

Worried you're not getting your message quite right? With a million intersecting world events and competing priorities, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach that will work for every brand. The key is to involve your customers early and often without slowing down your creative team.

In the last 3 months alone, we have used this rapid insight approach to optimize major social media campaigns, PR efforts, advertising messages and more for leading brands including:

Our agile approach gives you the ability to put consumers front and center without slowing your creative teams down. There's no need to develop questionnaires from scratch or worry about finding the right respondents. Just provide your creative assets and we'll handle the rest. In 36 hours, you'll have a streamlined summary of how to optimize your message for maximum impact with your target audience.

2 options depending on your specific objectives:

1. Audience Survey - great for when you need to do a quick 'disaster check' on a concept or when you're deciding between 2 or more competing messages or ideas. You'll get a dashboard style read on appeal, relevance, key takeaways and impact on brand perceptions. You'll come away with detailed recommendations for both tactical and strategic improvements that will boost impact and positive brand effects. The sample is typically a broad consumer population (customized for your category and brand, of course), but we can always include boosts of specific sub-groups as needed (demographic cohorts, users of your brand, etc.)

2. Quick Qualitative - we'll recruit up to 15 respondents (or more as needed) to your exact specifications and present your messages / creative ideas to them via a fully interactive online platform. Perfect for when you need detailed feedback on multiple aspects of your message and when more nuance and richness is required. We'll have the chance to iterate, present multiple concepts if needed and follow-up on specific responses to dig deeper into what's working and what we need to improve. This approach is particularly useful when you need to understand any potential watch-outs or sensitivities related to the content your team has prepared.

Don't have finished messages or creative yet? Injecting consumer insight earlier on in the creative development process is always the way to go. We have solutions to help with this as well; just give us a shout.

Email me ( for more details and to discuss your specific research needs. We'll find a way to craft exactly what you need in the time frame you need it.

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